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Delve into a world of perilous exploits and horror! 

Shattered is a self-contained tabletop RPG that is built on a unique die system providing players with a tangible sense of growth. Inhabit one of eight distinct races and explore the dangerous post-apocalyptic world of Feneryss. Millennia ago, millions sacrificed themselves in a ritual to the dark god, Ragnarok. The blood rite failed and rebounded on the planet, capsizing entire tectonic plates, replacing once plentiful oceans with molten rock, and calling down catastrophic storms to ravage what remained.

Battle monsters and master the varied ecosystems of Feneryss using a classless, XP-based progression system that puts you in control of your destiny. Craft weapons, armor, prosthetics— and more. Cast magic, use psychic powers, and call down the power of faith to level your opponents, all from atop an airship of your own design.

GMs can take full advantage of more than 50 pages of lore to develop a compelling story. Additionally, they can use the robust creature creation system as well as pages of advice to help make their campaign unforgettable.

CHARACTER SHEETS (PDF) || Character Sheet | Fillable Character Sheet

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WEBSITE || shattered.neverdarkenough.com

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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